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Tray Dryer

Tray Dryer

Approx. Rs 4.5 Lakh / Unit

Tray Dryer is of robust construction built on formed angles of 3mm thick sheet and suitably reinforced with angles and sections. The dryers external walls are manufactured from 1.6mm thick Stainless Steel sheets of 304 quality. The internal of the dryer is built of 1.6 mm thick S.S 304 quality sheets. The internal structure is fully TIG welded and all the internals have ground smooth surfaces. It is insulated with minimum 50 mm thick glasswool insulation and Cladded with S,S, Polished sheets. The dryer is having a fresh air inlet through 20 Micron PP cloth filters and a adjustable air outlet flap and a door at the front. The door is explosion proof and is locked with the help of spring loaded ball latches with suitable pressure. Door lips are having Neoprene rubber Gasket to prevent leakages.
The design and manufacture of the dryer is of high standard of GMP and has an aesthetic look. It is buffed externally to 150 grit matt finish and internally buffed to 220 grit mirror finish.
Electrical heating
The Air inside the Tray Dryer is heated by "U" tube S.S.304 air heaters each of 1 KW.The heaters are fitted on the sides of the dryer to facilitate uniform heating. Maximum temperature attained inside the dryer is 100' C and will be indicated and controlled by a Digital Temperature indicator cum controller over full range of heating load.
Total heating load for it will be
12 Trays Dryer - 4 KW
24 Trays Dryer - 6 KW
48 Trays Dryer - 12 KW
96 Trays Dryer - 24 KW
The heaters will be inserted inside tubular pipe to prevent it from becoing RED HOT. The terminals of the heaters will be brought outside the dryer to make it more safe for operations for solvent based products. Air Circulation
Air inside the dryer is circulated by one heavy duty axial flow S.S.304 or alluminum blower fitted on a shaft of and driven by l H.P. through belt. The special design of the Blower ensures uniform air circulation so that there is uniform air current over the entire charge loaded in the Trolley inside the dryer. The working of the motor is indicated by lamps in the control panel.
Trays will be manufactured from 1.6 mm SS 304 sheets.Its dimensions are 32" x 16" x 1 l/4". The Trays have rounded corners with' mirror finish from inside and outside. SS 316 quality is available on demand.
Racks And Trolleys
Racks are provided for trays insdie the Dryer. They are of fixed type for 12 and 24 Tarys Models. For 48 and 96 Trays Models. Racks are provided with wheels to slide them in and out of the Dryer. An additional S.S, trolley for Racks for outside movement can be provided on request
Technical Specifications
No. Of Trays244896
Tray size16 x 32 x 1.2516 x 32 x 1.2516 x 32 x 1.25
Heating load at

1000C6 x1000 W9 x 1000 W15 x 1000 W
2000C9 x1000 W15 x 1000 W21 x 1000 W
3000C12 x1000 W18 x 1000 W27 x 1000 W

PP Trays For Tray Dryer

PP Trays For Tray Dryer

Approx. Rs 550 / Unit

Double Cone Vacuum Dryer

Approx. Rs 8 Lakh / Unit

Double Cone Vacuum Dryer
Double Cone Vacuum Dryer operates under the principle of controlled and uniform drying under vacuum at low temperatures.
• Is suited best for drying of free flowing non-sticky wet powder or crystals.
• Drying time much faster than that of conventional Tray Dryer – Saves production time.
• Uniform drying under controlled atmosphere at low temperature–Good product quality free of oxides and dust with recovery of solvent.
• Less manpower required – Low drying cost.
• Perfectly designed drive system - Saves power while drying.
• Balanced movement - No foundation required.
• Motorized Lump Breaker can be provided.

Total Volume50 to 10,000 Ltrs.Working Volume25 to 33 %Output Speed3 to 6 RPM Drive Motor0.5 HP to 5 HPMOCIS 2062, ASTM SS 304, ASTM SS 316, PVDF coated Drying Time0.5 to 8 Hrs.Drying Temperature35 to 100º C and above Vacuum Max. 760 mm. Hg Vacuum Breaking By Air, N2 or any other Gas Heating Medium Hot water / Steam / Hot oil Discharge Provision of Butterfly Valve on requirement

Additional Information:

Rotary Tunnel Drier

Rotary Tunnel Drier

Approx. Rs 9 Lakh / Unit


General Advantages:

· Can operate either as batch type or continous type drier

· Operates at low power – Maximum of 5 Hp

· Drying time around 25% of that of Tray Drier – saves production time

· Temprature can be positively controlled anywhere between 35 to 200 degree C

· Very economical – Material cost be controlled as instead of SS shell, M.S. Shell with SS lining can be used.

· Totally contained system – evaporated fumes can be directed to the desired position.

· Product can be cooled before discharging - Time saving as product can be directly send for packing.

Uses :

· For free flowing non-hygroscopic powder, crystalling material, granular material, grains and any agricultural product.

Design Aspects:

Total Volume : 400 to 50,000 Ltrs.

Working Volume : 100 to 12,500 Ltrs.

Chamber dimensions : 600 to 1500 mm. Dia x 3 to 50 Mtr. L

Output Speed : <=1RPM

Motor Hp : 5 HP Max.

MOC : M.S., SS 304, SS 316, SS Lined, PVDF coated

Drying Time : 1 to 3 Hrs. (batch process)


Additional Information:

Sludge Drying Machine

Approx. Rs 8 Lakh / Unit

Sludge Dryer

Dryer for any type of sludge or chemical waste

General Advantages:

Uses: Design Aspects:

Total Volume100 to 10,000 ltrs.
Working Volume25% to 50%
Output Speed15 RPM
MOCM.S., SS 304, SS 316, SS Lined, Hestalloy Coated
Drying Temperature35 to 100 C
VacuumMax. 760 mm.
Heating FluidHot water / Steam / Hot oil

Additional Information:

SS 316 Trays for Drying Oven

SS 316 Trays for Drying Oven

Approx. Rs 2,100 / Unit

We Manufacture  Quality Alluminium and Stainless Steel  SS 304 & SS 316 trays for Drying oven , air dryer, tray dryer 22 gauge. and for Vacuum Tray Dryer and

Additional Information:

SS 304 Tray for Tray Dryer

SS 304 Tray for Tray Dryer

Approx. Rs 1,800 / Unit

We manufacture Stainless Steel, Alluminium and Poly Propelyne Trays for Tray dryer size 16 x 32 x1.25 , ss 316 or SS 304 Tray for Tray dryer or Air Dryer or Drying Oven 22 guage.

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