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Pass Through Oven

Pass Through Oven

Approx. Rs 5 Lakh / Unit

Pass Through Oven

The Riddhi pass-through oven saves time when loading and reduces the danger of contamination, especially when directly transporting the chamber load between the grey room and the clean room.


The Riddhi  heating oven with fully insulated stainless steel door on both sides saves time during loading and

reduces the risk of contamination, specially when handling sensitive load between grey and clean rooms.

Model                                               :     12-24-48-96-192 TRAYS – GMP MODEL

OVERALL SIZE Dimension                          :       2200 (L) X 1200 (W) X 2150 (H)

TEMPERATURE                                            :       Up to 150° C

INSIDE SHEETING                                    :      16 Guaqge Thick S. S. 304 Sheet Full welded.

OUTSIDE SHEETING                                :      14 Guage Thick S. S. 304

DOORS                                                         :       2 Doors Double Walled.

INSULATION                                              :     75 mm Thick Fibre Glass wool in all

.                                                                     Sides, top, bottom & door.

ELECTRICAL HEATER                             :       12 KW ( Tubler 

Additional Information:

Starch Paste Preparation Kettle

Starch Paste Preparation Kettle
  • Starch Paste Preparation Kettle
  • Starch Paste Preparation Kettle

Approx. Rs 3.5 Lakh / Unit

Starch Paste Prepartion Kettle or

In formulation department where granulation takes place, a starch paste preparation Kettle or Binder Making Machine is required to make a paste of Starch..

Tablet Technical Specifications

ModelRDPK-100 GMP
Capacity100 Ltrs
Working Capacity95 Ltrs.
Crushing BladeAnchor type
FoundationNot Required
Electrical Service415 v/3 PH/A.C. Supply
M.O.C.SS 316Q for Contact Parts
BearingPedestal Type
Heating SystemOil Or Water
TiltingManual type
Control PanelPush Button to on/of M/C, R.Y.B. Lights for Phase indication, Contactor, on/off Rotary Switch, Limit Switch
Gear BoxWorm Gear arrangement for speed reduction
Motor Specification2HP. having 1440 RPM
Net Weight175 Kgs. Approx
Surface finishMirror Polishing

Additional Information:

Manual Capsule Counter Machine

Manual Capsule Counter Machine
  • Manual Capsule Counter Machine
  • Manual Capsule Counter Machine

Approx. Rs 2,500 / Unit

Manual Tablet or Capsule Counter Machine is used for counting of Tablet or capsules manually, you have define the size of capsule with nos of capsules or diameter of tablets , shape and how many tablets to be required to counted.


Additional Information:

Vial Cap Sealing Machine

Vial Cap Sealing Machine

Approx. Rs 3,500 / Unit

We Manufacture quality Manual Vial Cap Sealing Machine is used for Vial cap sealing, easy to use and very sturdy.

Automatic Four Head Ampoule Filling Machine

Automatic Four Head Ampoule Filling Machine
  • Automatic Four Head Ampoule Filling Machine
  • Automatic Four Head Ampoule Filling Machine
  • Automatic Four Head Ampoule Filling Machine

Approx. Rs 3.75 Lakh / Unit

Automatic Four Head Ampoule Filling & Sealing Rdafs-100 offered by us is specially built on principle of slant travel of ampoules while filling and sealing. The pure ampoule tray can be directly encumbered in to slant hopper of the unit. Further, the coordinated star wheel offers ampoules, on by moving eccentric ampoule rack in single or two's or four's while the stoppage of rack in sequence pre-gassing, post gassing, filling, pre heating (for single and double head only) and final sealing/annealing is attained.

FeaturesApplicationTechnical Specification

NO. of SyringesFour
Output80 to 100 Ampoule/Minute
Ampoule Size/Range01 to 05 ml.
OveratI Dimensions1200 (L) 1070 (w) 96s (H) in mm
Net Weight350 kgs.

Additional Information:

Hand Operated Can Sealing Machine

Hand Operated Can Sealing Machine

Approx. Rs 15,000 / Unit

Can Sealing Machine Hand operated for sealing of cans for small quantities where automation is not possible.

Stainless Steel 304 Scoops Size: 500 Gram To 5 Kg

Stainless Steel 304 Scoops  Size: 500 Gram To 5 Kg

Approx. Rs 1,000 / Unit

We manufacture qualityScoops and Powder samplers

Additional Information:

V Blender

V Blender
  • V Blender
  • V Blender

Approx. Rs 2.5 Lakh / Piece


·         INTRODUCTION :


The rotating shell V-Type blenders are used only for dry mixes and have no packing glands(seals) around shafts entering the chamber to cause potential problems.





  1. Minimal Attrition when blending granules.
  2. Large-Capacity equipment available.
  3. Easy to load and unload.
  4. Easy to clean.
  5. Minimal maintenance.





1.       Main Shell :  

Two cylindrical shells of suitable diameter and length are welded at an angle of 65° to 75° depending upon its capacity. Main shells are made out of S.S. 316L quality sheet metal with mirror polished inside and matt polished outside.


2.       Support :

The Blender will be supported on structural supports both sides with "A shaped S.S. 304 quality tubular pipe. The blender is mounted on pillow block bearings fitted on supports. Also the drive unit is mounted on the side of support.


3.       Openings :

Top side of the blender will be provided with hinge type lids of suitable diameter with quick opening type for loading the material. Bottom side blender will be provided with suitable butterfly valve for discharge the material.

1.       Drive :


A 7.5 H.P. motor with worm reduction gear box is provided with fixed speed. A.C. frequency drive can be provided at an extra cost. Complete assembly is covered with a Stainless Steel AISI 304 quality enclosure.


2.       Safety Guard :


A Stainless Steel AISI 304 quality tubular guard with limit switch will be provided on the operator side and backside of blender is provided will be fixed.


3.       Control Panel :

A semi automatic type control panel with digital batch timer with ON, OFF & INCH push buttons will be provided on front side of the machine.

Additional Information:

Vibro Sifter

Vibro Sifter
  • Vibro Sifter
  • Vibro Sifter

Approx. Rs 70,000 / Unit

Vibro Sifter or Sieving and Grading Machine or Vibrating Sifter.

We manufacture 12 inch to 72 inch vibro sifter, we also manufacture Ultrasonic Vibro Sifter

Technical Specifications
Screen Diameter51 cm75 cm51 cm75 cm
Charging Height93.5 cm106 cm119 cm119 cm
Electricals0.25 HP. 3 . A.C.0.25 HP. 3 . A.C.1.5 HP. 3 . A.C.2 HP. 3 . A.C.
* Varies according to product characteristic and screen type.

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